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Piedmont Handgunners Association

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10346 NC 150 South Linwood, NC 27299

Piedmont Handgunners Association Range Rules

1. Safe firearms handling is a prerequisite for use of our range.

2. All firearms will be kept unloaded (except when on the firing line) and muzzles pointed in a safe direction.

3. No firearms may be handled for any reason when anyone is forward of the firing line (COLD RANGE).

4. Any time the range is called cold, all firearms will be unloaded and benched, with magazines removed or bolts, slides, and cylinders open. Use of Empty chamber Indicators (ECI) is required.

5. Every member is a Safety Officer and has the responsibility to politely remind someone about our rules should they observe an unsafe act or a safety violation. Do not act confrontational, but make a Board Member aware of the situation if the situation cannot be corrected in a professional manner.

6. PHA Range facilities are for PHA members and their guests (2 per member).

7. Range shooting hours are from 8:00 am until legal sundown, although a member may come and go outside these hours.

8. Targets must be placed directly in front of the berms. Do not place targets between firing point and the leading edge of berms since this can cause dangerous ricochets.

9. No shooting at rocks, bottles, or other trash type objects.

10. Shooters under 16 years of age must be under direct adult supervision. Guests must stay in the company of the member they are accompanying but may be firing at the same time as the member.

11. Members and guests are required to observe common courtesy and allow others to post and check targets within reasonable limits. Likewise, shooters should not be unreasonable in their requests for posting or checking their targets.

12. Fire only at targets directly in front of your firing point. Angled shots may not hit or be stopped by the berms.


14. Members must display their membership badges on their person or their range equipment if it is on the line.


16. Use of exploding targets of any description or manufacture is not allowed at any time.

17. No full auto or slide fire weapons are allowed on PHA ranges.

18. Eye and ear protection is required on or directly behind the firing line by all shooters and observers during any firing phase.

19. Members and guests are required to clean up their area of any trash or debris. Please try to leave the range better than you found it.

20. Entrance gate should be opened and relocked, (by members only) upon entering PHA range and also upon leaving the range. (Sharing the combination with a non member is cause for loss of membership!)

21. Any acts of vandalism observed should be reported to a board member immediately or as soon as possible to allow for a review of the cameras to identify the responsible party. If possible, (without confrontation) an attempt should be made to identify the person committing the vandalism by name, description, or license plate number and description of vehicle.

22. Commands from Range Officers, Match Directors, and Board Members must be obeyed at all times as relates to safety and operation of PHA Range Facilities.

Violation of the above rules is or may be cause for expulsion from PHA without a refund of dues.